Adult Counseling

Adults (25-65)

Adult women having a session with an adult counselor in Orlando.I provide adult counseling solutions for treating adult issues ranging from the accumulation of stress caused by the demands of daily living to severe mental health pathology. I have clinical experience in working with individuals from across the adult stage of human development.  My approach is respectful and sensitive to the unique nature of each adults individual experience. I have worked with and collaboratively created lasting change with adults struggling with depression, anxiety/panic, psychosis, Bipolar disorder , substance abuse and Personality Disorders.

Older Adults (65+)

I am passionate about working with older adults and the elderly as it relates to chronic physical health conditions and existential issues regarding the latter stages of life. I am well positioned to explore and intervene with the elderly as they experience depression, anxiety and existential concerns.

Phone: (321) 231-4177
2180 Park Avenue North, Suite 326
Winter Park, FL 32789