Couples Therapy

Couples therapy or marriage counseling. Man and woman holding hands on couch during a psychotherapy session. Psychologist, counselor, therapist, psychiatrist or relationship consultant giving advice.Having a loving, understanding and patient partner to experience life with is one of the deepest desires we have as human beings. Trouble is that we are all imperfect humans with a multitude of unresolved issues, annoying behaviors, dysfunctional means of communicating and irrational beliefs that get in the way of attracting and maintaining our ideal relationship. If you and your partner are going through a troubling time, difficult transition or would just like to strengthen your already cemented bond then I believe I am the counselor for you(all). I am driven to create lasting satisfaction with couples regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or any atypical relationship dynamic.

My approach to couples counseling is to first meet you both as a couple and establish simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals that we can work towards both in and out of session. I then meet with each member of the relationship individually and explore previous relationship experiences, personal family history and individual emotional motivations impacting the current quality of the relationship. You all will then rejoin as a couple in the counseling experience as we move towards our previously established goals, making any necessary modification on the way. As with any experience an individual or couple seeks therapy to address, there is no standard prescription for couples counseling. This being said, with every couple I have worked with I explore the couples ability to create, manage and maintain a Safe, Soothing, Seeing and Secure environment within the home. I am passionate about providing the couple with clinically efficacious communication skill practices (such as Daily Temperature Readings, Active Listening, Vulnerable Disclosure, etc.), conflict resolution frameworks, unique behavioral/intimacy challenges and emotion-focused identifications that can create insight and understanding leading to a more fortified and gratifying relationship.

I have a strong belief that an effective and ethical therapist is always trying to work his/her way out of a job. Meaning that my approach to couples counseling is always to provide both you and your partner with the tools needed in order to manage your relationship satisfaction eventually without the need for regular therapy. The power of a safe, soothing and secure relationship atmosphere is the right of every human being and together we can work to create just that for you and yours. Let’s get to work!

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