Depression Treatment

Person sitting in the corner who needs depression treatementThe experience of depression can be one of the most isolative, debilitating and downright terrible predicaments a human can endure. Due to the stigma associated with depression and mental health issues, those with depression often remain alone within the isolative darkness that the illness creates for the afflicted individual. If you are reading this website and looking into finding professional help you deserve a massive congratulations for taking the first step in creating positive change in your life. My clinical approach to counseling depression is to first create an environment in my office where you as the client feel safe, heard, understood and validated. With the solid foundation of a trusting therapeutic alliance, we then move into an assessment of your family psychiatric history, lifestyle and psychometric assessment. Empowered with your collected psychosocial history and psychometrics we can then move towards the creation of simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals that active your behavior and mind.

As an effective therapist in the treatment of depression I will explore the 4 concepts of Belonging, Purpose/Meaning, Flow and Storytelling with you. I believe that in honest exploration of your relationship to these 4 concepts that you and I can identify access points for unique cognitive, emotional and behavioral interventions that lead to real relief and lasting alleviation of depressions negative grip on your life. Depression is an illness that zaps motivation and a sense of hope, making it a difficult condition to treat. The gold standard of depression management is the goal of ‘behavioral activation’, or engaging in different behaviors that can lead to a different outcome. You and I will work on exploring and experimenting with how meaning/purpose unlock lasting motivation and therefore powerful behavioral activation. If you’re ready to be challenged, honestly explore and fully experience all that you have to offer then I am your counselor. Let’s get to work!

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