Mindfulness Therapy

Two women sitting practicing mindfulness therapy in Orlando.What if I you told we have all been hardwired with a superpower that less than 5% of the humans use? A superpower that can directly target your ability to successfully manage depression, anxiety, grief, sleep dysfunction and both the daily and major catastrophic stresses inherent to our human experience. This “too good to be true” superpower is mindfulness and the breathwork that accompanies its cultivation. As mentioned in other outlines to my specific approaches, I believe firmly in developing a unique approach to treatment with each individual client, therefore I do not force mindfulness-based practices on all my clients. I will however always assert that mindfulness and focused breathwork are transformative, and when practiced consistently can change the way you relate not only yourself, but the world that surrounds you. If you are interested in these approaches I have years of clinical experience in bringing mindfulness and breathing techniques into the therapy office. I hold certification from University of Central Florida in Mindfulness and am a daily practitioner of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and explorative breathwork. I have both studied and professionally facilitated the power that breathwork and mindfulness have on managing our internal state and am passionate about sharing my education and practice with you. Don’t be intimidated, there is no “doing meditation/mindfulness RIGHT” and you don’t need to join a buddhist monastery or burn patchouli incense in your home to experience the benefits. Mindfulness is a practice for everyone (spiritual or secular) and best developed with a congruent practitioner who can guide you through developing a creative, consistent and enjoyable practice. Let’s get to work!

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