Nutrition Counseling

Healthy foods out on a table representing nutrition counselingI am a counselor who has both facilitated and experienced the power of integrative wellness and holistic healthcare. If you find yourself asking, “What is holistic health care or integrative wellness?”, then I’m glad you have come to my website. I am passionate about both educating clients and families on integrative wellness and providing approachable integrative solutions to various mental health concerns. Simply put, proper integrative/holistic healthcare is about conceiving the individual as a complex and interrelated system. The separation between body and mind is not a useful theory for creating positive change and transformational healing. I offer this approach to all my clients by using various biopsychosocial assessments that measure a client’s ability to maintain health and wellness in mind, body and – when appropriate – spirit. By exploring the avenues of one’s ability to manage sleep, diet, exercise, and movement I find useful opportunities for intervention and therapeutic growth.

I hold certification from University of Central Florida in Food and Nutritional Science and use both this education and years of study of nutrition to inform my practice. During my Masters of Science program at Stetson University, I developed a meta-analysis and literature review on the Gut-Brain Microbiome (Farm to Treatment Team) and its effect on mental health. I hold firm to the research that pointing to the gut/stomach being our “second brain” and by feeding and that by treating our gut with robust nutrition we find powerful intervention that leads to positive change in both mental, physical  and behavioral health. Using mindful eating apps (Eat Right Now – Dr. Judson Brewer), creative food journaling and exploration of the emotional motivations behind dysfunctional eating patterns we will create a healthy relationship between you, food and the body it feeds. For quick, simple and cost-effective mental health informed recipes be sure to check out my on my Instagram page (@mental_meals) and to add some positivity to your feed follow (@armchair_philosophy). Now, let’s get to work!

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