With the culture of social media and television there is a dangerous attraction that we all have towards clicking or tuning into shows/posts that exclaim “total transformation!” or “BEFORE and AFTER”. We are drawn to the ideal of the miraculous transformation whether it be weight loss, financial gain or makeovers. In this attraction we reinforce self-loathing, dysfunctional social comparison and the misconception that “all it takes is few months” and I can finally be happy. What we lose sight of is that any transformation requires hard work, setbacks and cultivated self-discipline. I invite you to welcome the idea that “if it doesn’t challenge you it will not change you” into your integrative wellness plan. I often see clients, students, friends, and associates claim a strong desire  to create positive change in quality of life but time and time again resist opportunities to challenge themselves. There is no magic wand or magic pill that will change your life or relationship to wellness. The challenge does not have to be waking up at 5am to exercise or meditate before your workday, it can simply be sitting down for 10 minutes to journal or having a 15 minute conversation with your family with no screens or phones present. The click bait “BEFORE and AFTER/TOTAL TRANSFORMATION” discounts all the hard work and challenging opportunities that the transformed embraced on his/her way to progression. The empowerment of transformation lies within the journey, not the superficial destination. As always, take care of yourSelf!


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